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    We can be praying to God and asking Him for so much, but are we listening? This is a short film about prayer.


    Short Film

  • How To Teach Amazing Truth

    Banning Liebscher shares insight and lessons he's learned from his own life and ministry over the last 20 years. In this video Banning encourages leaders to first and foremost be empowered by the Holy Spirit in their teaching and preaching.


    Christian Living / Culture / Teaching

  • The Heart Of Spiritual Disciplines

    Steve Childers exposes the danger in learning the 'how' of spiritual disciplines without the 'why'. He presses us to examine our hearts as we read the Bible and pray to God.


    Motivational / Teaching

  • My Beloved (feat. Crowder)

    Music video by Passion performing My Beloved (feat. Crowder).



  • Biblical Principles in Business

    Does applying Biblical principles to business actually work? Luke Lowenfield from Casa Ford/Nissan discusses how Biblical principles have sustained and flourished his business...


    Interviews / Business / Finance

  • Dad Writes and Sings Anti-Bullying Song for Daughter

    When this girl's Dad, Khari, hears that his daughter is being bullied at school, he has the perfect solution to fight back with these bullies in a way that leaves them powerless.


    Music / Motivational

  • Darlene Zschech's Journey Through The Valley of Cancer

    It was December, 2013, the week before Christmas, when Darlene Zschech received the news that stopped her world: "You have breast cancer".


    Documentaries / Christian Living / Testimony

  • My Last Day

    This story unfolds through the eyes of a criminal who receives the same brutal crucifixion sentence as Christ. "My Last Day" is a short film of regret, repentance and redemption.


    Short Film

  • NFL Head Coach For 20 Seasons Finds What He Is Missing

    He has been an NFL head coach for 20 seasons, leading teams to the playoffs and a Super Bowl. But despite wild success, Jeff Fisher of the St. Louis Rams knew something was missing. And in my world, there is never time to figure out what is, in fact, missing, he says.



  • It Is Well - Kristene DiMarco & Bethel Music

    It Is Well - Kristene DiMarco & Bethel Music



  • The 'Unforgivable' Sin

    I recently went on a trip to Uganda and while over there God really started to work in my heart. I realized how frivolous we American Christians can be sometimes about certain sins and behaviors. There is nothing wrong with concerning ourselves with discernment or wanting to have a good conscience about certain things, but I realized I usually concentrate on certain sins, in order to cover up the fact I neglect the weightier ones like Jesus talks about. The nonprofit I was with helped by asking for only a dollar a month (in hopes of getting many people to join and unify to the cause) to help give water, education, and micro finance to underprivileged people overseas. It was a beautiful thing to see how me just giving one dollar actually was paying for housing, food, clean water, and education in places like Uganda. To be honest I don't even realize when the $1.00 comes out of my account because it's so small. So my question to you is can we take an honest look at our life and ask whether or not we are living in simple obedience of Jesus' commands? We can be the hands and feet of Jesus and I now know from personal experience that preaching the gospel while also providing and serving the basic needs of others is one of the most joy filled lives we could have. A life lived for serving others, is a life not wasted.


    Christian Living / Culture / Spoken Word

  • Status // Part 1

    Dating relationships can get complicated. The Switch series, Status, focuses on a group of high school students as they try to navigate through their dating lives. We will talk about who to date, how to date, and how far is too far. Regardless of your relationship Status, you won't want to miss this.


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