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  • The Banned Preacher

    Owen Pomana has a lifetime ban from Australia but says he's a changed man and should be allowed back in. He was deported back to New Zealand after nearly 12 years of serious crime.



  • Abraham: One Man - One God

    His covenant with God led to the birth of a nation and in the ultimate test of devotion, he was asked to sacrifice his son. Abraham's unwavering faith made him one of the holiest men in Judaism, Islam, and Christianity. Yet for all his renown, is there evidence that such a man existed?


    Documentaries / Culture

  • Sex Trafficking And Homeless Ministry

    In this episode we visit a Christian sex trafficking and homeless ministry called the Atlanta Dream Center. They've been serving the Atlanta area in a number of ways for over 20 years. Their Pastor, Paul Palmer, has a strong passion for stopping sex trafficking and homeless problems in Atlanta. You'll get a glimpse of 3 of their ministries, including their Princess Night ministry where they bring flowers and prayers to local sex traffickers hoping to lure them out of the life.


    Documentaries / Culture

  • Prince Of Peace Song Story

    Hear the story behind Prince Of Peace.



  • Final Warning (Full Movie)

    This documentary will prove to you how real the bible is like it or not, and how near Jesus return is.



  • Nathan Schroer

    Divorce after divorce, Nathan watched his mom sink into addiction. After a childhood of disappointment, he got married and became a police officer, only to wake up one morning with his body bruised and gums bleeding. Would cancer just become another episode of disappointment in Nathan's life? Eventually the doctors told him to go home, get into hospice, and get comfortable. Reality sunk in. Would he be there the day he daughters got married? Was God really enough? With it came brutally honest questions he asked to God, with his life hanging in the balance.



  • Pashtun Sayyid Finds Jesus, Leads Over 20 Muslims To Christ

    Pashtun Sayyid shares her story of how she was in a very important family and well connected family with Islam. But she finds Jesus Christ and feels the love He has for her. Pashtun Sayyid also manages to bring 20 other Muslims to Jesus.



  • Church as community, Refuge LA style

    The church's key role is in connecting with the community, and Refuge LA had made this their mission.



  • I Deserve Hell

    Do you ever think about the bad things you've done in your life? After organizing a heist to steal hundreds of jeans, Mark's plans were abruptly impeded and changed. Once he reflected upon and understood the evil intentions of his heart, Mark called out to the Savior, Jesus Christ. God graciously transformed him and gave him the free gift of everlasting life.



  • I Find No Fault In You

    Kenneth Copeland and Jesse Duplantis reveal some of their greatest moments in ministry.


    Christian Living / Teaching

  • Aftermath Live In Miami // Hillsong United

    Full HD Convert of the Hillsong United - Aftermath, Live in Miami


  • The Greatest Story Ever Told

    Now we have the chance to change the world and share his love, because one day he will crack open the sky and will return.


    History / Motivational / Short Film

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    Daily Hope with Pastor Rick Warren

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    Joseph Prince Ministries with Joseph Prince

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  • Bobby Schuller
    Hour of Power with Bobby Schuller

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    Daily Hope with Pastor Rick Warren

  • Greg Laurie
    A New Beginning with Greg Laurie