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  • What Is A Real Christian?

    Manny Pacquiao, the boxing champion shares his take on people claiming to be Christian, but who are really not. Why? Because the fruit of their life doesn't reflect Christ and they are not walking in obedience to Him.


    Christian Living

  • The Porn Pandemic

    "The Porn Pandemic: The Devastating Effects on Children, Family and Society" features interviews with experts on the issue of pornography and how it hurts those who view it.



  • Life In North Korea - Christian Woman's Brutal Suffering

    North Korean Christians aren't simply killed for their faith in Christ. They are pulverized with steamrollers, used to test biological weapons, shipped off to death camps or shot in front of children, while newborn babies have their brains pithed with forceps in front of their mothers. Crimes against humanity reminiscent of Auschwitz and Treblinka to which the world declared "Never Again!" more than 60 years ago are being perpetrated today against the North Korean Christians.


    Documentaries / Interviews

  • 40 Days Of Delight // Episode 4

    40 Days Of Delight // Episode 4


    Interviews / Christian Living

  • God's Story

    When we know God's story, it changes everything: who we are, what we want, and how we live.


    Motivational / Short Film

  • Overcome

    Desperation Band performs "Overcome" at the RELEVANT Magazine studio



  • Women In The Workforce

    The bible has many good stories of women who have participated in the civil realm, politics or have been in the forefront of the community. What is the modern day role for women?


    Christian Living / Culture

  • Love Is War Song Story

    Love is war song story from the album Zion.


    Music / Interviews

  • Brian Welch: From Korn and Addiction to Jesus

    Former guitarist and co-founder of heavy rock group Korn, Brian Welch talks about the amazing turn his life took when he accepted God for who He is. Saved from drugs and addiction, Welch tells his amazing testimony of Jesus' love and salvation.


    Music / Biographies

  • In Between // Part 2

    When Evan believes he's meeting up with Abby for a date, he finds himself at a church event where he has a life-altering experience. Things will never be the same for Evan again. Join us for the series entitled In Between, where we watch the faith journey of Evan unfold before us.


    Short Film / Relationships

  • Lead Us Through The Fight

    "Lead Us Through the Fight", the new film from Tenth Avenue North, dives deep inside the joys and rigors of road life with one of the biggest Christan music acts today, as told through the lens of a 17-year-old kid on tour. Take a look inside the lives of the band members on and off stage and the highs and lows of waking up each day in a new city.



  • Chasing Redemption

    After helping a friend who got himself in trouble with the wrong people, Landon finds his friend dead the next morning. Suicide the police have said, but Landon knew differently and decided to find out, tried to make things right again.


    Short Film

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    Jentezen Franklin

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    Daily Hope with Pastor Rick Warren

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    Joseph Prince Ministries with Joseph Prince

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  • Bobby Schuller
    Hour of Power with Bobby Schuller

  • Rick Warren
    Daily Hope with Pastor Rick Warren

  • Greg Laurie
    A New Beginning with Greg Laurie