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  • Why Should I Fear God?

    If God is so gracious, then why should I fear Him? Have you ever asked this question? If so, check out the video and then study the included verses. God is full of grace, yes, but that grace can only be accessed if it is accepted through the gift of Jesus Christ. He died for the sins of the world, but we can only received forgiveness when we first understand our need for forgiveness, and we don't fully understand our need until we know God for who He is.


    Spoken Word / Motivational

  • How To Develop A Strong Spirit Through Exercise

    If you want to develop a stronger, more robust faith in a particular area, you must take in Gods Word, and then exercise your faith in that Word. Spiritual exercise is to read, study, speak, pray, obey and stand in faith on what God said in His Word. In any area that you apply faith exercises, expect your spirit to grow strong.


    Interviews / Teaching

  • Sex Trafficking And Homeless Ministry

    In this episode we visit a Christian sex trafficking and homeless ministry called the Atlanta Dream Center. They've been serving the Atlanta area in a number of ways for over 20 years. Their Pastor, Paul Palmer, has a strong passion for stopping sex trafficking and homeless problems in Atlanta. You'll get a glimpse of 3 of their ministries, including their Princess Night ministry where they bring flowers and prayers to local sex traffickers hoping to lure them out of the life.


    Documentaries / Culture

  • Biblical Economics: The Welfare And Corporate States

    "Ultimately it is that nation that is going to pay, because we are building, equiering and constructing, programs and structures and buildings and bridges that the market doesn't call for. This really creates 3 major problems. 1. The mindset that the government is responsible for individual welfare. 2. The Government is responsible for corporate welfare. 3. Now wealth results from political connections."


    Business / Finance

  • An Unexpected Christmas

    The story of Christmas told by the kids of St Paul's Church, Auckland, New Zealand


    Kids / Short Film

  • Encouragement In The Gospel Through Asia

    Watch as Nick Vujicic travels through South Korea and Thailand preaching the Gospel and encouraging people to live their lives to the most full no matter what is thrown at them.


    Documentaries / Motivational

  • Wilderness, Depression And Stars In The Night

    What if sometimes the wilderness isn't a curse, but a blessing?


    Spoken Word / Motivational

  • I Found Shalom - Rose Harrison

    Rose grew up during WW2 and faced a lot of hardships, including antisemitism. Despite overcoming great odds, she felt empty. Rose was determined and passionate; she went on to get a doctorate and became a college professor. But still she felt something was missing. During one of her classes, a student wrote a paper that changed her life. The student wrote about virtues and values. This paper was very different from any other she had seen written on the subject.


    History / Testimony

  • The New Jesus Film - 2013

    The story of the Life of Jesus, His birth, life, death and resurrection. How he suffered and died to save You.


    Movies / Christian Living

  • The Great Los Angeles Dodgers Hall Of Famer

    He's the youngest to win a Cy Young Award since 1985. He's been compared to Sandy Koufax, the great Los Angeles Dodgers Hall of Famer. He had the most strikeouts, the best Earned Run Average, and won the most games of any pitcher in the league. On the mound he is the epitome of discipline, accuracy and control.



  • Street Called Mercy - Hillsong UNITED

    Join Hillsong UNITED from Via Dolorosa in Jerusalem, the street that is widely accepted as to where Jesus walked carrying his cross on the greatest ever journey of Mercy.



  • Foundations

    Bethel Bible teachers share their passion for reading the Bible and lay a foundation for having a life-long relationship with the Word.


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